Different Aircraft requires different Type & Class Ratings to Pilot.

A pilot’s licence is much different from a driver’s licence. Aircraft are complicated machines and there are many differences between different types of aircraft. Type & Class Ratings are endorsements on a Pilot’s Licence required to pilot different type of aircraft.

If you are the holder of a valid South African Pilot’s Licence and have completed the appropriate training you can apply for a rating. Here is a list of a few ratings:

Different Type and Class Ratings

  • Night Rating (Allows you to pilot an aircraft at night time)
  • Instrument Rating (Allows you to fly in conditions where there is no visual reference to the ground)
  • Post Maintenance Flight Test Rating
  • Tow or Tug Ratings
  • Aerobatics Rating

It goes without saying that all of these ratings require additional training. The South African Civil Aviation Authority website explains these ratings in detail and the requirements to apply for them.

Category Ratings
An Aeroplane PPL differs from a Helicopter PPL. If you want to pilot both Aeroplanes and Helicopters you’ll have to complete a PPL course for each respectively. The same applies for a CPL and ATPL.
Pilot licences can be endorsed by the following Category Ratings:

  • Aeroplane
  • Helicopter
  • Glider
  • Free-balloon
  • Airship
  • Powered-lift

Type and Class Ratings
These ratings are required to pilot different types of aircraft in different classes. An aircraft class rating is required to pilot all types of aircraft within a particular aircraft class. Some aircraft requires class and type ratings to pilot, others only require a class or type rating.

There are many kinds of Class Ratings including:

  • All single-engine piston Aeroplanes (land)
  • All single-engine piston Aeroplanes (sea)
  • All multi-engine piston Aeroplanes (land)
  • All multi-engine piston Aeroplanes (sea)
  • Each manufacturer of single-engine Turbo-prop Aeroplanes (land)
  • Each manufacturer of single-engine Turbo-prop Aeroplanes (sea)
  • All touring Gliders
  • All conventional Gliders

Type Ratings include the following:

  • All Helicopters
  • All Warbirds
  • Aeroplanes with a maximum certificated mass exceeding 5700 kg
  • Multi-engine Turbo-prop Aeroplanes
  • Aeroplanes certified for operation with a flight crew of 2 or more
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Every type of aircraft requires different ratings to fly.

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