Do you want to:

Become a pilot?

Learn how to fly?

Own your own aircraft?

Start with your aviation career?

“Join our Pilot Introduction Courses at Wonderboom Airport”

Pilot Introduction - Pilot Introduction Course

This is an ideal opportunity for you and/or your parents/sponsors to obtain in depth information about Learn 2 Fly Air School, our Flight Training Courses, Aviation in general, Career opportunities and have the opportunity to enjoy an Introduction Flight!

This day is all about the experience and to enjoy flying and Aviation. It is also the perfect platform to answer all the questions you as an interested student/sponsor might have.

If you want more information, have a specific question, or want to see whether you would enjoy aviation and flying, then this course is for you!

This course consists of the following:
• In depth information about our flight training and the layout of the syllabus.
• Tour of our facilities.
• An actual flight in an aircraft with one of our qualified flight instructors to give you the opportunity to pilot the aircraft yourself.

The following topics will be coverd:
• Is it safe to fly?
• Aviation as an industry and the opportunities within.
• Careers in Aviation.
• Flight Training and the path to become a professional pilot.
• The intelligent and innovative ways in which L2F approaches flight training.
• Flight training: Full-time or part time?
• Details on the Scholar Pilot Programme.
• How L2F saves you costs.
• General Q & A.

Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers!  Feel free to bring your friends and family to support you while you take the first step to making your dream become a reality.

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