We pride ourselves on our one-on-oneexclusive attention approach. With professionalism, passion for aviation and safety being the cornerstone of the Air School, we ensure, you get the correct training required to be a Professional and/or a Leisure Pilot. 

L2F operates as a top-class training academy. Combined with our reliable aircraft, facilities, flight training equipment and aids, learning to fly has never been easier!

We combine technology with highly competent, instructors and staff to ensure the student pilot receives the optimum benefit of the training course of their own choice.

We offer all the correct and specific flight training licenses for both the Leisure and Career Pilot.


“To most people the sky is the limit. To us, the sky is home.”

We train Pilots not only to the exact standards of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), but also to recognize the importance of maintaining proficient knowledge and skills with continued training throughout your Pilot career.

We believe that all Pilot Training Programmes are based on the following principles:

Helping Students to learn and achieve the desired result

Providing an “Airline” standard of Instruction, whether you are a leisure or career Pilot

Expectations of adequate standards of performance

Emphasizing the positive

Individuals learn at different paces and in different ways. Our flight training is designed to be flexible with our programmes and to provide remedial assistance where required.

The foundation of achieving this comprises of the following, but not limited to:

Devise a plan of action for the individual

Optimizing the Instructor-student relationship

Gradually transferring responsibility to the student as learning progresses

Chronological outcome based achievements


Flight training the right way

Learn 2 Fly Air School offers a unique and different approach to flight training by focusing on the following:

Creating a platform in assisting new Commercial Pilots entering the Aviation Industry.

A modern training approach with Interactive Theory and Practical Flight Training methods.

Scholar Pilot Programmes which will see a scholar kick off their Pilot career as soon as Gr 10.

Fulltime and part-time Pilot Programmes

Effective training with competitive pricing.

Our locations allow for more time in the air with a General Flight area next to the airport

Aviation events and fly-aways for the Leisure Pilot. Creating a platform for any Aviation Enthusiast to feel right at home.

Comradeship, friendship and sharing our passion with each other.

Wings evenings, solo- and license awards ceremonies.

Complete your pilot training on a managed or self-paced programmes.

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