licenses for both the Leisure and Career Pilot.


"For Each Pilot"

First - Class

"Flight Training"


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We train pilots from ab-initio – all the way up to commercial level. We also provide Advanced Training such as Night rating, Instrument Ratings, Instructor Ratings, Multi-engine Ratings and more.


6 Reason To Choose Us

Exclusivity to each Pilot

We aim to provide a 5-star experience for each client.

First-class flight training

Quality theoretical training supported with proven practical methods to ensure the quickest learning curve, at industry low rates.

Passion for Aviation

All our staff have major passion for flying, passion for flight training and passion for the individual.

Pilot Training Programs

Complete your pilot training on a managed or self-paced programs. Our training programs has been designed by education experts.

Solid Foundation

We strive to perfect the basics. By focusing on individual, one-on-one training we lay a solid foundation. Each student receives undivided attention and mentorship. This gives our students a much needed advantage.

Hire & Fly

For qualified Pilot we have awesome hire and fly packages, You can book a plane for a hour or for a weekend and go and explore South Africa and enjoy your license.


Pilot Training

National Pilot's Licence

For the adventure seekers that want to fly for the fun of it!

Pilot Training


First things first! All pilots have to start at the beginning.

Pilot Training


Build a career as a Professional Commercial Pilot.

Pilot Training


Every type of aircraft requires different ratings to fly.


Take Your 1st Step To Becoming A Pilot.


Below Are Some Of The Most Common Questions About Flight Training. 

At L2F we believe in honesty, and we also had to go through pilot training ourselves. During this time we have experienced many different training programmes, flight school and instructors. Deciding on a flight school cannot be solely completed on their pricing, and initial reception at a school.
There are way too many variables in pilot training that you need to know off to make an educated decision on your choice of training facility.

We highly recommend to attend our Pilot Information Course. Here we go in depth on pilot training, the route to follow and how we save you costs and time. You will have sufficient time to ask all your questions, and as said we are brutally honest about all the in’s and out’s of pilot training.

The last experience you need is being just another number in a Flight School. We believe in personal attention, comradeship and being a family, after all that’s what Aviation and flying is suppose to be. Thus give us an opportunity to show you why we are different, and why we might be the right choice for you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by attending on of our Pilot Introduction Courses.

A part-time PPL license can take anything from 6 to 12 months, depending on your time availability. It also depends on how frequently you want to fly. All training (practical and theoretical) can be completed over weekends and holidays.
We offer a structured training programme for your PPL of 8 months. This programmes is designed specifically for people working full-time. Speak to us for more information.

It is possible to complete the course in the minimum law required hours. However, the secret is to fly regularly and to read up as much as you can about learning to fly prior to commencing each lesson. The learning curve differs for each person. Extra lessons might be needed to be fully proficient to complete your flight test to qualify for your license, however this will vary from student to student. At L2F we incorporate intelligent flight training solutions to assist you in qualifying as close as possible to the law required hours.

Yes, you most probably can. Many pilots wear either spectacles or contact lenses. We suggest that you have the medical examination prior to commencing your training.

No, not at all. We require a small initial payment towards your training, thereafter you just need to keep your account in credit. You can pay as you fly.



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